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True Colors

For the colored girls around the globe
Whose darker tones get shined upon by the strobe/
Whose problems are deeper than the canyons of the earth/
Despite how you feel, you're not alone for what it's worth/
I won't say I understand your pain, because I can't/
But I do feel it, sorrow's blade is sharp & slant/
So here I am, confused about this pain/
Confused because your roots are strong, but you allow yourself to be slain/
How do you let yourself be beat low as low can be?/
When I've seen your True Colors, and they're not the shades you're showing me/
Why did your colors fade? The answer may be simple/
Is it because somewhere along the line you started to treat yourself un-gentle?/
Like when man broke your trust and made you look foolish/
And you only let him back in cause you begged him to love you and he'd lie and say he'd do it/
Or the women who are so cold and only strive for success/
And constantly deny themselves of a partner to warm their flesh/
That's self-torture, emotional self-mutilation/
The women who turn sick of love and become misery's hospital patients/
But enough of this, we shall move to the next class/
Women who bear struggle and hold hatred for partners' past/
To single mothers who carry out an absent father's duties/
To those who have the father present but you don't have the spark to get him moving/
I applaud you, but let go of your hatred/
You would feel so much better if you would just release and say it/
To those who free their body, rather than their mind/
The temporary comfort you seek is a waste of time/
To those who've been physically abused and battered/
Whose confidence has been crushed and will power shattered/
May you climb to new heights on life's ladder/
You were never given up on, you always mattered/
All of you, grab hold of your colors no matter the hue/
Stand tall, and redeem all that life says you're due/
You can move past the pain, and stop sorrow from growing/
Because I've seen your True Colors, and they're not the shades you're showing/


DOWNLOAD NOW: TreLamond - My Reflection

     The long-awaited project "My Reflection" is finally here!!! After a long break in production the project is finally ready for public opinion. Features include appearances from A.B.E.'s own Lil Will The Chosen 1 and Loco Vato (TreLamond's brother). Download and leave your opinions in the content


New Music: "Could've Had It All"

New track off "My Reflection", Prod. by G Money Baby, nice Adele sample in it that I couldn't resist. Listen and comment your opinions!!!


Yung Harp has no problem showing his "Bama Pride" (DOWNLOAD)

Yung Harp released his heavly promoted mixtape, Bama Pride: True Story, recently and I'm mad I didn't download it sooner because this project really exceeded my expectations. From the moment you press play Harp comes straight out the gate letting you know he reps his home state of Alabama with serious, truth-filled lyrics about life, love, money, friendships, enemies, experiences, and everything in between. This defintely gets play in the whip all day long, hope we continue to hear alot more music from Yung Harp. Comment, share, and DOWNLOAD Yung Harp's "Bama Pride: True Story" Here!!!

Standout Tracks:
True Story (The Beginning)
Leave It At Dat
It's There In Your Eyes
All I Want Is You
It's On (Club Murphy)
Chasing Dreams



Lil Will The Chosen 1 - B.A.M. (Blow A Mill) (VOTE!)

Lil Will's back with a new track, "Blow A Mill", not sure if it's for any specific project but still a good track delivered in true Chosen form. VOTE for "B.A.M." to be featured in the next issue of Coast 2 Coast Magazine!!! Vote with your facebook and twitter accounts by going HERE!!!

Also vote for Lil Will's "Hip Hop Is Alive" video on Coast 2 Coast to win a free video shoot in Miami courtesy of Coast 2 Coast Films HERE!!!


Lil Truth proves to the competition he's a "Made" man with new release

I hope you're all thankful for this plate of street gold that Mobile, AL native, Lil Truth, dropped on the table early this Thanksgiving morning. It sounds like he really put in some work with his latest release "Made N**** Da Mixtape", haven't heard quality street-rap like this in a while. From "Attitude Like F*ck it" to "Gettin' it" (my personal favorite), it's a complete play-through. On the project, Truth boasts a somewhat-melodic, speedy flow laced with heavy country grammar that you don't hear these days anymore. The project presents features from other artists that Lil Truth is closely affiliated with like: Big Dawg Fred, Draid'd Up, Yung'n, & Yung HD. The mixtape also features alot of commentary from friends of Truth and Truth himself. Production Credits: JB, @A100Drumz, Big Quan, & 1st. Class. Check it out & remember to support Lil Truth.

DOWNLOAD Lil Truth-"Made Nigga Da Mixtape" HERE


Lil Will The Chosen 1- Tats On My Chest

Fresh off his last full length release, First Class, Lil Will is back to old ways dropping singles & remixes here and there like his latest release, a remix of Wale's Tats On My Arm ft. Rick Ross, Tats On My Chest. Give it a listen, download, and tell me what you think in the comments.

Download: Tats On My Chest


This & That...

That feeling...This moment...The people we share them with. They all have an impact on how we see ourselves at any given time. Our dreams and the reasons they exist say alot about us, but that's still only a small amount of who we are. That day...This night...The experiences we have during them. They all go into shaping us as these days pass. Either molding or destroying us, but shaping us nonetheless. That thought...This action...The effects they have on the future. One should always come before the other. But "Think before you act" isn't always true, sometimes impulse is faster than the mind. This passion, That fire, This lust, That desire. That mistake, This regret, That ambition, This success. This love, That all comes at a price and we use our time to pay the tab...