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Yung Harp has no problem showing his "Bama Pride" (DOWNLOAD)

Yung Harp released his heavly promoted mixtape, Bama Pride: True Story, recently and I'm mad I didn't download it sooner because this project really exceeded my expectations. From the moment you press play Harp comes straight out the gate letting you know he reps his home state of Alabama with serious, truth-filled lyrics about life, love, money, friendships, enemies, experiences, and everything in between. This defintely gets play in the whip all day long, hope we continue to hear alot more music from Yung Harp. Comment, share, and DOWNLOAD Yung Harp's "Bama Pride: True Story" Here!!!

Standout Tracks:
True Story (The Beginning)
Leave It At Dat
It's There In Your Eyes
All I Want Is You
It's On (Club Murphy)
Chasing Dreams



  1. And dats real, I've never heard anything like it dis bout da only mixtape I can sit dere n ride too all day on repeat without me wanting to change. I love it, its one of the best I've heard so far. There's no doubt he's gonna make it.

  2. Best underground mixtape I've heard all year

  3. Yung Harp NoHookShawtyDecember 8, 2011 at 10:36 PM

    This is my first solo mixtape, i think its good, but i think it could be much better. Im working on more projects with different artists and i look forward to supplying the world with more of my music. Stay Tuned

  4. lil bra holdin it down....good songs

  5. True Story You Got This Shit On Lock Brother You Gone Make It I Love This

  6. I love it there isn't an underground artist out there that can top this mixtape. This is one that will never stop being played it came from the heart and real life experience what more can he do. I can't wait to see what's coming up next. I don't even know if im ready. This right here is in constant play

  7. harp,? all i can say is good job, and i plan on seeing, and hearin more, thou i alredy know u gonna bring it... &when u get big, imma say to mi self "dam, that nigga started recording at home & acheived and accomplished wat he started"... yung harp who?.. that rapper that stay in mobile, ceo of go hard ent, and take any beat and flow... oh ya i qoute his lyrics sometime, why wat up?.... #go hard ent.! BAMA PRIDE!!

  8. Dude, im not even from alabama but i can ride to this mixtape all day