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True Colors

For the colored girls around the globe
Whose darker tones get shined upon by the strobe/
Whose problems are deeper than the canyons of the earth/
Despite how you feel, you're not alone for what it's worth/
I won't say I understand your pain, because I can't/
But I do feel it, sorrow's blade is sharp & slant/
So here I am, confused about this pain/
Confused because your roots are strong, but you allow yourself to be slain/
How do you let yourself be beat low as low can be?/
When I've seen your True Colors, and they're not the shades you're showing me/
Why did your colors fade? The answer may be simple/
Is it because somewhere along the line you started to treat yourself un-gentle?/
Like when man broke your trust and made you look foolish/
And you only let him back in cause you begged him to love you and he'd lie and say he'd do it/
Or the women who are so cold and only strive for success/
And constantly deny themselves of a partner to warm their flesh/
That's self-torture, emotional self-mutilation/
The women who turn sick of love and become misery's hospital patients/
But enough of this, we shall move to the next class/
Women who bear struggle and hold hatred for partners' past/
To single mothers who carry out an absent father's duties/
To those who have the father present but you don't have the spark to get him moving/
I applaud you, but let go of your hatred/
You would feel so much better if you would just release and say it/
To those who free their body, rather than their mind/
The temporary comfort you seek is a waste of time/
To those who've been physically abused and battered/
Whose confidence has been crushed and will power shattered/
May you climb to new heights on life's ladder/
You were never given up on, you always mattered/
All of you, grab hold of your colors no matter the hue/
Stand tall, and redeem all that life says you're due/
You can move past the pain, and stop sorrow from growing/
Because I've seen your True Colors, and they're not the shades you're showing/

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